The key to our happiness, is learning how to find a home within ourselves.

Amy Gerhartz

~ Founder of A Higher Way Of Living 


This is my Story

I haven't always been confident. I haven't always believed in myself. In fact, I was the person who would smile in public, only to turn around and then shame myself in private. After 20+ years in the Entertainment Industry, I was traveling across country, performing on stages, being nominated for awards, and somehow I still didn't like the person staring back at me in the mirror. Something needed to change, or I was going to lose my life to a black hole of crippling self-doubt.

That's where my life journey really began: the day I decided to finally stand up and fight for myself. Somewhere deep inside, I knew the most authentic version of me was ready to come out and claim what she deserved. So day by day, I worked on developing the most loving and healthy relationship with myself. I am not perfect, and I will never be, but I can tell you that the joy I now feel is stronger than anything I've ever known.

At the end of 2020, I decided that I wanted to support others in finding their confidence and joy as well. I became certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming, as well as Hypnotherapy, and began coaching other Entertainers on their mindset, and how to navigate the ups and downs of being in the spotlight. What evolved next was entirely unexpected. Women and men from ALL walks of life started to reach out to me for coaching, and I realized that the message I was sharing was universal. No matter what your background, we all experience the same pressures and expectations of "performing" in our lives.

With divine inspiration, I decided to create A Higher Way Of Living, which is a personal development company that offers educational resources and coaching programs for anyone struggling to find themselves. Our virtual learning platform, coupled with live speaking events and corporate mindset trainings, provides something for everyone.

We are not meant to walk our journeys alone. Together, we can create lasting transformation that will impact not only our lives, but the lives of the people we love. I invite you to join the community. Side by side, we can move mountains. 



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